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Power and Control Wheel Psychological Abuse and Coercive Control

As a result of interviewing women in-depth about their experiences of psychological abuse/coercive control by their male partners, I (Clare Murphy PhD) developed a new power and control wheel. The wheel expands upon the Duluth Wheel to include a wider range of non-physical tactics of power and control.

Each night 46,000 Australian women do not have a safe place to sleep. Many of those women have children.

40 per cent of homeless people living in shelters are women.

The largest single cause of homelessness in Australia is domestic and family violence, which overwhelmingly affects women and children.

Most of the women presenting at refuges are homeless due to:

  1. Domestic violence
  2. Mental health issues

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In 2012 Tairawhiti Community Voice commissioned Kaitiaki Research and Evaluation to undertake research to:

A New Zealand study carried out for ACC — described in the reference below — identified that domestic violence may account for as much as 12% of psychological distress and 7% of physical illness among adult women in New Zealand. 

Reference: Kazantzis, N., R. A. Flett, et al.  Domestic Violence, Psychological Distress and Physical Illness Among New Zealand Women:  Results from a community based study. New Zealand Journal of Psychology 2000 29 [2] 67 -73.

Research in USA reveals that "Up to 100 percent of homeless women have experienced domestic or sexual violence."

Reference: Policy Brief: The characteristics of homeless women. Colorado Coalition for the Homeless January 2012 

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